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The Future of Ladies Mile

”An important question is should Council play a proactive role or a reactive role in managing this change. Whatever option is taken it is...

Talking noise boundaries

QAC’s plans have been presented on a special website and at several community meetings

Small words, poor context, email battle

UPDATE 1/11/17.  I had a call today correcting me on my accusation against the original reporter and it’s fair enough.  The original...


‘We have to put the eco back into economics’ – David Suzuki Connectivity is a major theme in my Masters work.  Right now I’m thinking...

Connection and wheel reinventing

A recent podcast explained that offline or online will become redundant in our language because we will soon be always online, connected...

So, what is disruption

As a result of exponential change and several tipping points being reached at once, we’re now facing disruption.